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…am I.  Even with carving out my own time for the respite of words.  But then, if a respite must be disciplined and orderly and planned, perhaps it simply, well.. …isn’t.  Maybe what I need is the “discipline” of purposeful re-creation again, anyway.

Ah, summer!  And time to read WHAT I WANT as well as what I should (which two things, thankfully, don’t always differ that much…)  I’m currently savoring Amy Tan’s Saving Fish From Drowning. 

This, from chapter 1:

But then I discovered art.  I saw for the first time nature and pure feelings expressed in a form I could understand.  A painting was a translation of the language of my heart.  My emotions were all there – but in a painting, a sculpture.  I went to museum after museum, into the labyrinths of rooms and that of my own soul.  and there they were — my feelings, and all of them natural, spontaneous, truthful, and free.  My heart cavorted within shapes and shadows and splashes, in patterns, repetitions, and abruptly ending lines.  My soul shivered in tiny feathered strokes, one eyelash at a time.


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